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Teina Autahi Hook 1st Anniversary 10 January 2017

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1st Anniversary of Teina Autahi Hook 27 July 1987-10 January 2016


Tena kotou katoa e nga whanau on this beautiful, lovely,

calm day.   We, the whole whanau, have just arrived back

from Te Kauri urupa, where Russell and I conducted a

remembrance Service for his/their son, Rahema and Tamaira’s

brother, father of Autahi, Te Taonga, Tawhiti (and Mutt!),

uncle of Tayne, Niki Jean, Kauri, nephew of Simon Mountain,

and cousin of Kia Maia Hook.   We also had the pleasure of the

company of Auntie Blossom (Rob and Raymond’s mother) whose

husband’s memorial stone was unveiled in Pukepoto the other day.

Thank you also for doing my dishes and cleaning my sink top of

all those dirty dishes!


As the weather was so sunny and still, we all managed to drive

right down to the gates where we assembled and awaited my

poroporoaki/mihi to nga tuupuna and whanau resting there.

I hadn’t really organised my programme so it was pretty much a

“play it by ear” situation, but that was ok too, we are whanau and

we just have to slot in as best we can.   The attention span of the

little ones leaves a lot to be desired, so I have made a conscious

effort to focus on that in the future, especially with the newest

mokopuna (6 yr old) who has just come aboard.   Never mind, we

shall work on that and gradually get him accustomed to when and

where certain things are allowable – now whanau I didn’t mean

this to put a damper on our Special Day……. but my heart goes out

to Anya, Russell, Rahema, Tamaira and all those who have expressed

their sincere aroha to us, Teina’s whanau,

so, whanau this is just an acknowledgemnt of all your sincere

remembrances of our dear/darling bro,cousin,uncle,mokopuna etc etc

nga manaakitanga ki a kotou katoa x x x


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