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Te Rawhiti Marae Development Committee

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In 2002, the Te Rawhiti Marae Development Committee was formed as a driver to carry out the above project. It is a sub-Committee of the Marae Trust. It has its own Bank account and its main function is to raise funds for renovating and expanding the Marae. It also is responsible for providing plans for the marae’s development. It is constituted as follows:

Marara Hook Chairperson: Marara Te Tai Hook (021 024 23786)
Helen Mountain Harte Secretary: Helen Mountain Harte (09) 5211837
Treasurer: John Maclean

There were ten members on the team but many have moved, become ill or passed on.

The Marae Development Committee works closely with the Marae Trustees and the hapu to see this project through to completion. Ngati Kuta and Patu Keha will support both the Development Committee and Marae Trustees to achieve the Marae upgrade.

If you would like to help us fundraise for our marae developments, please visit our Fundraising page.

Thank you.

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