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June 13, Friday, 11am Motatau Marae

Ngati Kuta and Patukeha whanaungatanga hui ki Ngati Hine. Contact Marara Hook re transport.

June 14, 10am, Saturday – Housing

This hui has been postponed on advice from Lara Clarke, Tenancy Manager.They will advise us later for another date.Apologies for this, whanau.

June 15, Sunday, 12.00 noon Marae Trust meeting

June 21, Saturday, 11am, Hui a Hapu



Minutes of last meeting

Proposed Budget

General Business

1 Updating the projects –

     a The Maunganui Bay Baseline Surveys

     b The Ipipiri Oral Histories

     c The Te Rawhiti Native School Oral History

     d The Canterbury Update

     e The sites of significance update

2 The Marae extension and restoration update + Ringa at

renovated marae in the north.

3 Ngapuhi Runanga Iwi Social Services programmes for Youth presentation


4 The Waitangi Claims-Ngati Kuta and Patukeha – some points to discuss – whakapapa, the raupatu

5 The new projects, jobs and training opportunities

6 Malia Villegas, an Alaskan Native woman, who is a Fulbright Scholar based at Harvard University and who does these really amazing things to help her people. She is in NZ studying the higher education movement here which has produced over 500 Maori Ph.D.s (Doctors of Philosophy) in 15 years so she can take the knowledge back to her people.

7 Compacting meetings to cut down travel.

June 28, Saturday, 10am Hauai Trust meeting

Meeting closes at 3pm….

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