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Harvesting Rongoa for Profit

By September 11, 2011 December 9th, 2014 No Comments

2014 Update: ORA Products are no longer in business, unfortunately. This article is from 2011.


Right now, ORA Products is interested in purchasing ‘Mamaku’ fronds from Te Rawhiti Enterprises Ltd. Are you able to access any whanau forestry blocks where the mamaku flourishes under the pine forest canopy? That would be great if you can.

flaxAll planting and harvesting should be with the understanding of Maori tikanga when planting and harvesting. I can forward a copy of what ORA recommends while harvesting.

Growing Harakeke

If you look at Pa Harakeke, you will be able to get some ideas on how they plant Harakeke.

They have a tourism combined nursery with website that could be of interest to you. They are based in Bennydale, not far from Otorohonga, and it’s quite a well established commercial business run by Maraeroa C. (A hapu based trust). They aim at tourists and growing jobs for the local community.

If you have a plan of planting for example (Harakeke) in 2012 we could look at harvesting and buying from you in 2015.

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