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The Minutes of a Hui-a- Hapu at Te Rawhiti Marae

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Karakia: Marara Te Tai Hook; Mihi: Ringa Witehira, Matu Clendon

Present: Marara Hook, Christine Hakaraia, Tracey Kingi, Bronna ……………., Natasha Clarke, Ringa Witehira, Richard Witehira, Joe Bristowe, Paul Henare, Anya Hook, Michelle Elboz, Russell Hook, Helen Harte.

Apologies: Peti Ahitapu, Te Karaka Ahitapu, Moka & Hine Puru.


  1. Fishery Update
  2. Eel Grass Survey
  3. Tucker Thompson Trustees, Jane Hindle, Bronwyn Hunt
  4. The Mataitai Process
  5. Pest eradication project update
  6. The Way Forward

1 The Fishery Update Power point – H Harte

The draft Manawahuna and Ipipiri Reports have been completed. These were being read by the principal scientist. The Final Reports are due on May 31st. The comments from the scientist need to be incorporated in the Finals.

The 3 survey sites in Maunganui bay were pointed out, number 1 being the wreck site, number 2, near Putahataha island and number 3 near Motuwheteke island. The target species for two surveys were Koura, Kina, Tipa, Tamure, Maomao, Takeke. The flora-seaweeds, kelps and eel grass were documented. 5 koura and 6 Tamure were found in site 1 and a total of 227 other fish which were not evident in the first survey. 1 Koura was found at sites 2 and 3 in the first survey and 61 kina at site 2 and 19 at site 3. These two sites need to be surveyed.

Outcome: H Harte to ask for an extension of the final date to June 20, 2008.

Survey of other two sites to be carried out.

2 Eel Grass Survey

The two Eel grass surveys have shown that there is no Eel grass in Te Rawhiti . The only patch is one corner of Urupukapuka bay, 10% of what was there in 1991.

Outcome: More research required ad protection of this last patch.

3 Tucker Thompson Trustees

S Tucker Thompson Tall ship Trustees were welcomed and they offered a suggestion that if we wanted an opportunity to tell our stories then a person could have dinner with the guests on board at Waipiro bay when the tour stops there overnight. They would include our marine conservation projects in their tour if we wanted that. They also asked for some names of youth who might want to be part of the free youth trips they do.

Outcome: Both opportunities to be discussed by hapu. A list of names was given to them.

The Mataitai Process

 The Mataitai path was outlined, the gazettement of our rohe and tangata kaitiaki being the first step. There were 9 objections and 5 supporting submissions. The 5 had 2 submissions from Kororareka, 2 from Ngati Manu and 1 from Te Kapotai. They have had letters posted to them asking them to write again to MinFish to confirm support. Te Runanga o Taumarere objected and were to be approached about lifting the objection as all of the Runanga supported the gazettement.

Te Komiti o Tangaroa (14 Taiamai Marae), Ngati Rehia Runanga, Ngati Torehina, and Takou Bay 439 Trust objected and we are to meet them all to talk further. They are not against us. They want to protect their customary use.

Ngati Wai wanted shared management to Motukokako with us but not shared management with us to Tuparehuia where we had customary access. They have notified and their boundary has now extended from Taupiri to Motukokako.

Outcome: We will lodge an objection to the Ngatiwai northern boundary and to the tangata kaitiaki. The Taumarere Runanga is to be approached to lift their objection. Ngati Rehia and co to be met with again. G Riley is to meet them first. He is also meeting Whaingaroa who objected to explain our position and will report back to us.

5. Pest Eradication Project

The project was postponed because Ngatiwai objected to the application for an aerial drop with Brodifacum. They, and Patukeha, cited a lack of consideration for the Kiore on Moturua island.

The Community Pest Trapping Project was still to go ahead but local contractors had until May 19 to register with NRC.

Outcome: The DOC toxicologist will address the poisons issues at the NRC hearing when ever that is. Patukeha wants to relocate a colony of kiore to Wellington zoo and the Mana Island Reserve. Ngati Kuta agreed to this proposal. Ngatiwai is to be approached by DOC for their approval.

R Witehira and F Hepi were attempting to do register with team by the closing date.

6 The Way Forward:

A Hauai Trust purchase the Wreck. This is in play and not resolved. Its acquisition would be an asset to progress our community .

B Expressions of interest by May 31 for new projects

C Continuing survey of research; research water samples ;protecting the existing patches of Eel grass; the survey and re-seeding of Eel grass-Moturua, Motuarohia, Hahangarua, Awawaroa, Paroa, Otupoto.

D Our tikanga about other ecologies-Takeke, Tamure etc

E Long term NK & PK tikanga spread to the world


F Continue with survey and research at Maunganui-monitoring of sites and research study-possible long term continued research

S186a for re-seeding of tipa, paua-research of Maunganui

G Motukokako to Taupiri survey of species and location

H Target Species research continued

I Re-seeding scallop beds at Te Whau, Motuarohia and Maunganui

J Monitoring sea squirt-Biosecurity NIWA doing surveys

K Pipi beds-sand sample analysis-been done at Pokaitaniwha by NIWA May; more at Parekura bay, Waipiro, Te Tawa, Hauai, Whiorau before and after road side spraying.

7 The video survey of the Wreck and the growing reef was shown
8 Shane Lloyd did not come to the meeting

Meeting closed at 3.00pm with a prayer

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