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Monday 12th August, 10am – The Benefits of Hospice Services in Northland

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A group from Mid Northland Hospice and North Haven Hospice in Whangarei want to come and talk to our community about the benefits of Hospice services generally throughout the north. Marara Te Tai Hook attended a previous meeting of theirs and thinks their information would be beneficial to us as a community, “not only for us oldies”.

When: 10am, Monday 12th August

Where: Te Rawhiti Marae

When one of our family is diagnosed with terminal illness, they are usually admitted to hospital until such time as nothing more can be done for them.

When it gets to that stage, they are either, transferred back to their own home/ place to die, or transferred into a Hospice, and that is where the specialized people working for Hospices ‘take over’ – BUT, the representatives stressed that it is QUALITY OF LIFE that is the main emphasis for these people in a Hospice, so that their remaining days can be remembered with dignity.

Many people believe that Hospices are for Pakeha only, but that is definitely a misconception. As well as qualified staff, they have voluntary staff they can call on. Often, when a relative has to be sent home, the whanau are so tired with never-ending visits to the hospital or are unable to cope with the all night or 24 hour care with toileting, washing, etc – that is when the Hospice staff are called upon to relieve the whanau and give them much needed rest.

Also, there is no cost to the whanau.

So come along and learn about what our amazing hospices can do for us when we need them most.

When: 10am, Monday 12th August

Where: Te Rawhiti Marae

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