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The Canterbury Project

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The Canterbury Project regards the sinking of an ex-Frigate to become an artificial reef in Maunganui Bay (Deep Water Cove). The Canterbury is a de-commissioned frigate which the Canterbury Trust has acquired from the Navy in a bid for $1.00 in a lovely ceremony at the Naval Base on February 2nd, 2007.

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Ngati Kuta and Patu Keha own the wreck-now a reef, under Te Rawhiti Enterprises Ltd, a Limited Liability Company. Nga Hapu entered the partnership because the ship was to be sunk in our district where we are kaitiaki. We wanted to to help manage the reef as our hapu have developed an innovative and efficient fishery conservation plan intended for the rohe moana which has the backing of the Ministry of Fisheries. The artificial reef, activities and management will be part of this overall plan.

Canterbury Wreck Site

Please see Canterbury Wreck for more information regarding the diving the wreck and the Canterbury Trust.

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