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Malay Delegation Coming on the 23rd Sept

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On the 23rd of Spetember, Te Rawhiti will be receiving a delegation of Malaysian Entrepreneurs, Academics and Tourism representatives.  Their visit is a culmination of dialogue and agreements that have already been signed between Te Rawhiti Maori and Sendi Pertiwi Travel, Massa College and University of Kabangsaan, Malaysia.

This is a reciprocal visit to experience Maori and work with them in developing this strategic partnership to promote joint programs and campaigns for Eco and Cultural Tourism, Student Tourism and Student OE exchange programs for Maori students in NZ and Malaysia. The program includes the Auckland University Maori Business School who together with Te Rawhiti are developing the curriculum exchange between the Malaysian Colleges and Universities.


The objectives from this visit will be,

  1. To agree on a joint strategic plan between Te Rawhiti and Sendi Pertiwi Travel for Eco and Cultural tourist packages into NZ and into Malaysia & Langkawi.
  2. To agree with University Kabangsaan and University of Auckland the concept of student exchange for Maori & Malay students to experience overseas learning in their chosen subject.
  3. Starting with Environmental Sciences designing an appropriate paper for student accreditation that fits within the requirements of each University.
  4. To agree on a student exchange program is based around 30-40 students coming down 4 times per year to live in our communities for a 30 day stay, attending studies and practical learning programs that will form part of their degree accreditation. The cost per student will be around $3,500 each.
  5. To discuss the concept of a student recruitment model that works with Families, High Schools and Universities to encourage Maori students to move into tertiary studies.
  6. To visit and meet with Schools, Maori groups and Tourist Operators to familiarise the Malaysian group with Maori Tourism and some of the NZ products they can market in Malaysia and Europe and vice-versa.

Benefits for Maori

Forming relationships with the Malay has an enormous economic upside. They have a tourist market of 20milo visitors per year and a population base of 28.5 milo. Kuala Lumpur is a major gateway from Europe and into the Asean region for tourism.

Maori are particularly favoured for a number of reasons,

  1. We are akin to them as part of the Austonesian ethnic and linguistic grouping. They in a sense see Maori as part of them.
  2. The Malay people and the Government are indebted to NZ over the Malay Emergency where NZ and they make special mention of the Maori soldiers who saved their country.
  3. NZ has a free trade agreement and whilst little has been done from a Maori trade standpoint there are opportunities available to us, we just have to work the relationships harder and identify the trade channels, eg. Fishing


The Malaysian delegation of 15 will visit NZ from 23rd September until 29th September 2011. A schedule of their visit is as follows:

Date Activity
23rd Sept 12 noon AKL airport to UOA, powhiri, lunch meet and greet. 2.30pm travel to Russell. Book in at the Duke Hotel. Dinner.
24th Sept 11am Maori leader’s luncheon on Ipipiri. 2.30pm boat departs for overnight cruise around BOI.
25th Sept Ipipiri returns 10.30am. Travel to Te Rawhiti Marae and powhiri. 3pm return to Russell overnight.
26th Sept 9am BOI College, meet students & teachers. Announce Business School curriculum for 2012 by UOA. 11am visit to Waitangi. Depart for AKL 2pm. Overnight AKL
27th Sept 9am UOA Business School. Strategy & planning meeting on curriculum & joint activities. -2pm Talk to Maori, PI and Malay students. 3pm with Maori TV.  4pm Travel to Waitomo.
28th Sept 9am visit Waitomo Caves followed by a meeting of hapu leaders. 1.30pm depart for Rotorua. Overnight Rotorua.
29th Sept 10am Meet tribal and Maori tourism leaders. 1pm a selection of Famil tours. 5pm depart for AKL. Departure to Malaysia 12.15 am. have an article about this visit on their website.

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