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Want to join the Te Rawhiti Marae Committee?

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A wero at Te Rawhiti MaraeEvery three years, elections are held for the Te Rawhiti Marae committee members. Anyone who can whakapapa to Ngati Kuta or Patukeha can be a candidate, and it would be wonderful if as many people as possible turned up so we have a great selection of candidates for various roles. The elected trustees govern the Marae and ensure that it is managed for the current and future generations.

The assets of the Marae need to be kept in good order and the essence of the Marae needs to be upheld for the benefit of the community. Without good governance we put the future of our Marae at risk.

If you have any questions about the roles and responsibilities, do use the Contact Us form and get in touch!

The Te Rawhiti Marae AGM and Triennial Elections hui details are:

Date: Saturday 5th July 2014

Where: Te Rawhiti Marae, 221 Rawhiti road, Rawhiti, Bay of Islands

Time: 10am


  1. Karakia:
  2. Mihi:
  3. Chairman report update on Marae for last three years.
  4. Obituaries
  5. Audited accounts
  6. Nominate auditor for accounts
  7. Report from Photo committee
  8. Alterations to the Marae Charter
  9. Elections:

Meeting adjourns for Patukeha & Ngatikuta to appoint their trustees – 4 from each Hapu.

  1. Appointment of trustees
  2. Lunch Break

It’d be lovely to see you all there.

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