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Papaki Kore, Waipiro Kore, Tarutaru Kore, Auahi Kore

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Te Rawhiti Marae is:

Papaki Kore,  Waipiro Kore, Tarutaru Kore,  Auahi Kore
Smack Free, Alcohol Free, Drugs Free, Smoke Free

At the Annual General Meeting of the Te Rawhiti Marae on Saturday, 2nd November, 2008, Te Rawhiti Marae was declared Smack Free, Alcohol Free, Drug Free and Smoke Free. The meeting went further and said that repeat offenders will be referred to the proper authorities.

Helen Harte is the strategy manager for Te Kahui Mana Ririki Trust based in Auckland and chaired by Dr Hone Kaa.  The aim of the Trust is to eliminate Maori Child Abuse.

The Facts

  • Maori children twice as likely as other groups to be abused
  • NZ has third highest rate of infanticide in OECD, around a third of those deaths are Maori
  • The Child in NZ most likely to be killed is a Maori boy under one year old – from battering



The Trust is focusing on changing the beginning of violence by Maori which is smacking.


MARAE PAPAKI KORE is a new initiative which is aimed at stopping parents hitting children, particularly Maori children beginning on the Marae.  It is a Marae based initiative. Some iwi have family prevention initiatives already.  Te Rawhiti is well ahead of the rest of the country by formally declaring its Marae Papaki Kore/Smack Free.  The Marae is a safe place.  It protects all people within it, including children.  Gradually, Papaki Kore will be part of all Maori families at home.

WHITE RIBBON DAY is on November 25. This is an international day when people wear a white ribbon to say that they will to stop violence against women by not hitting, and telling others when they see or hear violence against women.   If you see the white ribbons-wear one.



It’s not OK!        Choose to hug not hit.


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